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Roxanne Richardson

Roxanne Richardson

Roxanne Richardson is an Enrolled Agent with over nine years of tax preparation experience. While initially, she planned to get a B.S. in Business Management and then attend law school, she changed her major of study to Financial Accounting after enrolling in her first accounting course. It was the wisdom of her professor Mr. Robert Gilmore, that helped her make this decision. He assured her of the right choice by stating, “An accountant can be a manager, but a manager can not be an accountant.”

This is just as true now as it was then. Roxanne received her Bachelor’s degree in Financial Accounting and, three months after graduating in May of 2012, started work as the Restricted Funds Accountant at J.F. Drake State Technical College. She went on to receive her Master’s in Business Administration with a concentration in accounting in December of 2015.

Roxanne started her tax preparation career as a young woman assisting a small family firm with data entry in 2011. She furthered her tax knowledge in 2015 while working at TurboTax as a Tax Expert, assisting clients all over the United States with the preparation of their tax returns. Roxanne realized she helped clients get the tax benefits that their lack of tax law knowledge would have kept them from taking advantage of. With a heart to help, this was troubling to Roxanne.

In 2016 Roxanne realized there was a need for individuals and businesses to receive professional tax preparation and advice right from the comforts of their home. She founded Blue Accounting Tax & Consulting Firm LLC to provide just that.

Roxanne proved her superior knowledge of U.S. taxation by receiving her Enrolled Agent license in 2017. This allows her to provide clients with full representation before the IRS. There is no stopping us now!

Blue Accounting, Tax & Consutling Firm LLC is now serving hundreds of individuals and small businesses all over the United States. By providing industry knowledge and tax expertise to a wide range of clients, Roxanne is reaching her goal to help the citizens & residents of theUnited States take advantage of the savings provided in the tax code while maintaining great rapport with her clients. Our Clients call her The Accountant with The Skill & Personality.


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